Russian Hair

Average cost for a full head – £500
Months hair lasts – 12+

 Russian hair is considered to be the FINEST hair available in the hair extension industry, renowned for its softness, ease of movement, bounce, shine and most importantly longevity.   Russian hair is advertised everywhere we look online , yet the truth is Genuine Russian hair is very difficult to source in long lengths and light colours due to years of supply and demand.

The reality of this short supply being that not all extensionist’s nor salon’s can source the real thing and those that do are ordinarily competing in commercial markets paying prices that are reflected back to the clients. Here at Belli we have chosen the finest rural hair and only due to our extensive time and research off the beaten track have we secured a very reliable and consistent supply of the finest quality on the market at a fair price within the UK.

We are so proud of our Russian hair we depict this from the heart of our brand (Belli – meaning Beautiful in Russian)

All our hair is also double drawn ensuring thickness from root to tip. Our Russian hair is of exceptional quality and is durable yet fine at the same time.Genetic as well as environmental factors contribute to this hair being of amazing quality. It is very soft and shiny and stayed looking beautiful though many installations