Mongolian Hair

Average cost for a full head -£300

Months hair lasts6

Our Mongolian hair extensions are our most popular and sought after due to its superb value for money’ although not as Elite as Russian hair which is longer lasting, our mid and most desirable range lasts for up to 6 months.  Each full head application consists of 120g of double drawn hair, giving our clients a generous amount of hair which moves naturally and behaves like your very own hair . Tried and tested by leading industry experts our preparations prevent shredding, withstand washing, styling and ensure long lasting salon quality hair extensions.

The hair:

Belli; Mongolian Hair is the finest quality of 100% remy human hair extensions. Hand selected and cuticle retained our virgin hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layer of the cuticle remain intact and are facing the same direction from root to tip. Ensuring natural shine and vitality allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime. Reusable for multiple salon applications our remy hair can be reapplied and will last many months with the correct aftercare and maintenance.

Double drawn:

The double drawn hair is ultimate luxury, specifically processed by hand to ensure all hair lengths are the SAME LENGTH, resulting in thicker, fuller looking hair from every angle. Virgin hair is hand selected and all shorter hair lengths are removed by our technicians. Guaranteed perfectly uniform hair which is balanced and gives the illusion of beautiful healthy hair.

Belli hair extensions delivers only the best in hair extension technology. Our Mongolian hair extensions ensures high quality hair that’s natural, straight and strong.