Micro Seam Technique

Micro Seam is a technique similar to Micro Weft; however, it differs very much to the conventional application.  Micro seam system is applied in a track by track system meaning 1 line (Seam of Hair ) at a time; each line is measured to your base head width working up from the nape of the neck, line by line. The tracks(Seams)  are all hand sewn and so extremely lightweight and Micro Rings are attached meticulously next to one another,approx. 30 rings per track/seam  and then closed flat in a down ward position. Although a track of hair is held together by the hand sewn seam at the top it is so thin that once the ring are applied and flattened, the seam becomes almost undetectable.

There are numerous advantages of Micro Seam , in particular advantages of this technique are that it avoids that protects the hair from damage by other hair extension systems as it is applied horizontally across the scalp meaning hardly no weight pulling on small thin hairs or sections of your scalp . Therefor when you wash and blow these hair extensions its like pulling on a ponytail not on vulnerable strands of hair hence the trichological advantage. Additionally there is no  visual image of strands as lines of hair  like texture of Strand by Strand technique. When pulling and brushing hair during washing and styling the weight of the hair is distributed across the entire scalp; not on one small section of your natural hair, this means for clients with weak or over processed hair and those recovering from Glued hair extensions damage, Micro seam can be an ideal solution for your natural hair to grow at its optimum level without any damage


There is always that concept of a weft of hair or weaving that may worry you are micro seam extensions the same ?

  1. No. Micro seam is very different as it involves:
  2. No Weaving, plaiting sewing.
  3. No thick wefts
  4. No bulkiness at the roots
  5. No gluing

This system is Flat, smooth, tight & secure, lasts for 3 months until it needs removing and re-applying. You Can:

  1. Colour your hair on top when required
  2. Wash and blow hair as normal
  3. use curlers and straighteners
  4. plait the hair at night to keep it well maintained
  5. Have the same hair converted to strands if you don’t love this technique after 3 months

Hair grows fast and strong with micro seam – Zero hair damage is expected.