Foils and highlights: what’s the difference?

A full head of foils and highlights are the same treatment. Foils are just a reference literally to the material foil used to wrap the hair in to prevent it transferring colour to strands not intended for highlighting; the highlights refer lifting the hair high up the colour spectrum to a light shade. This is easier understood when you consider for E.g Black is LOW DOWN the spectrum scale at No1 and Light Blonde shades Like 9 –  HIGH UP the colour spectrum scale – Hence HIGH LIGHTS. When deciding how many Highlights to apply this depends on your starting base (Overall Colour) Browns + Dark Blondes wanting a drastic change require a Full Head, this also applies to any hair colour with Dark Roots to achieve a very blonde affect. Hair-Ups are to be considered if you normally tie up your hair you can style your hair comfortably with a Full Head of High Lights (Foils) as no dark roots will be visible . A full head is all  of your head whereas half head includes the top half ( crown and sides) only. If your hair is shorter and so you tend to wear it down a lot, a half head might be enough for you.

It will be the best for you to speak to one of our Colour technicians when planning you personal colour profile (PCP) . We offer a free consultations + PCP’s  for all customers. Our hair colour experts will provide advice on perfecting a PCP to suit your lifestyle, hair type, facial characteristics + skin tone.

Highlights/Foils are a great alternative to an all-over colour and show less regrowth. As they blend easier than a block colour They are suitable for subtle or strong highlights or lowlights (darker colours to add depth or reduce colour blocks). Foil highlights  allow the colourist to use more than one colour on the hair ( Up to 3 add more dimension), and many clients like to mix their colours according to the season or just when they feel fed up of a shade can easily add more or tone down with lowlights (Applied still with foils but shades down the colour spectrum)

When BELLI highlight hair with foils, we section the hair and isolate a small section to be coloured then wrap the woven strands in foil. For a more subtle (Thin + Finely blended) highlighted effect, we use more foils on smaller sections of hair. Piano colour affects arise from foiling larger sections, which results in a more noticeable “Piano” look. Hair is wrapped in foil to enhance processing and keep the uncoloured sections separate from the colour, hence the term – foils

Most clients will only require a full head of foils every 2 or 3 visits as this will cover their regrowth. If a client has very short hair, they may prefer a full head of foils every second appointment as their regrowth will be more noticeable, or opt in for some ’Lowlights’ to integrate your ends and mid length shade with the re-growth without a striking difference – This is a good way to budget also.

Foils are time consuming with a Half Head taking 1.5 hours approx. and a Full head taking up to 2.5 Hours to apply and fully develop –  as each section of hair is separated, foiled and wrapped separately, but the results are totally worth it. At Belli Clapham , we use Electric Foil Machines + Hood Cover , f required to speed up the process  love seeing our clients’ faces when they see their Beautiful, Shiny + Bouncy hair.