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Colour is darker at the top of the head from the roots and gradually fades into a lighter colour. The result is a combination of roots growing out and a sun kissed affect on the bottom of the hair; it is more striking than the balayage style.


Loved by celebrities alike including Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Gisele, Balayage is a French hair colouring technique meaning “to sweep” – a freehand technique where the hair colour is applied by ‘hand sweeping’ for a more natural affect

Full Head Highlights

 All over highlights using foils and our state of the art Hair Colour technology. A full Head of highlights will give you an amazing natural multi-dimensional look. We’ll normally use more than one colour to achieve this look – we can mix lighter and darker tones to give you a real three dimensional natural look. You’ll absolutely love it.

Highlights T-Section

Also known as a ¼ head where the central parting and front fringe colour is refreshed and highlighted. This is great if your roots are starting to show or you just want to refresh your look – everyone will think you just had another full head when really you just refreshed your colour- Wash & condition in advance

Half Head Highlights

Perfect for a natural blonde illusion, sun drenched golden and beige tones. Half the amount of foils are used than are used in a full head of highlights. This will still give you the blonde overall effect but a little more subtle, with a multi-dimensional look and again we’ll use  tones to blend your highlights with your natural base colour.

Colour Tint

Permanent colour that lasts up to 8+ weeks , super for covering greys. Request just a touch up if Colouring roots after having a permanent tint previously. Options range from Flaming Red, Chocolate browns and Platinum Blondes.Dark to Light -Hair may need stripped as this is not a simple hair colour tint process.

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  • Never underestimate the power of a great haircut.Using a combination of scissors & clippers, your hairdresser will help you to find your own signature haircut.
  • you’re a diehard devotee of long hair but suffer from thin strands, it may be time to rethink your look. Not only will a fresh, blunt cut give hair an immediate shot of healthy fullness
  • A healthy diet will benefit the hair,’ says Pinar ‘and vitamin E is most beneficial to hair condition.’ To help increase that much-needed keratin supply which will give you gorgeously fuller, thicker hair, get eating your eggs.
  • formulas enriched with vitamins B5, zinc and iron will help, as they promote the production of keratin, hair’s natural building block. Despite its old-fashioned reputation, mousse is still a great idea for adding body