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Clapham Hair Extensions are situated in the heart of Clapham just a short walk from Clapham Common, London – The sense of community in Clapham Common and Clapham Junction is charismatic, enigmatic and diverse. Locals including the team at Clapham Hair Enhancement enjoy meeting to catch some relaxation at the Local Coffee Bars or Battersea Arts Centre and enjoying our two closely linked high streets St Johns Hill and Clapham High Street. The Northcote Road is the evening favourite packed with Brasseries and Restaurants are community spirited. Clapham Hair Enhancement provides user friendly online booking for all our On-Trend services via our App + Our Easy Online Booking page , we understand that communication between your hairstylist and you is key to your hair happiness.

We value your personal time, we are place where all your hair and personal services can be done. We’ll make sure your add on services including Full Beauty services or cosmetic Injectables with our aesthetician are all slotted into our booking system to save you making additional appointments, before you sit back and prepare to be pampered while your hair stylist gives you full one to one attention making your hair look Amazing. Hair clients at Clapham Hair Enhancement receive exceptional care and technical service, not passed from stylist to stylist but your own dedicated hair carer, every day with our fantastic range of hair care products including: L’Oréal Professional, Nanokeratin and Kérastase,
We’ll treat you to any drink of your choice and some nibbles to keep you going as well as free Wi-Fi. As well as being #Hair #Experts when it comes to cutting and colouring your hair, our hairdressers are fully trained in the most technically demanding hair projects and specialist services, including #colourcorrection #balayage #brazilianblowdry #CAhairextensions. Hair Trichology is important to us, to ensure we maintain the condition of your hair your hairdresser will be able to offer #olaplex #kerastase #loreal conditioning treatments upon request, to reinforce your hair cuticles and infuse moisture back into your locks restoring dry or damaged ends, in extreme cases we will advice a Nanokeratin conditioning blow-out.

Clapham Hair Enhancement

Our Colour Technicians are some of the best in the Industry. Trained at top academies in London, with Years hairdressing experience



Colour is darker at the top of the head from the roots and gradually fades into a lighter colour. The result is a combination of roots growing out and a sun kissed affect on the bottom of the hair; it is more striking than the balayage style.



Loved by celebrities alike including Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Gisele, Balayage is a French hair colouring technique meaning “to sweep” – a freehand technique where the hair colour is applied by ‘hand sweeping’ for a more natural affect

Long Blonde Platinum Hair

Colour Tint

An all over permanent colour that lasts up to 8+ weeks , super for covering greys. Request just a touch up when Colouring of roots after having a permanent tint to refresh the look.


Highlights – Full

 All over highlights using foils and our state of the art Hair Colour technology. A full Head of highlights will give you an amazing natural multi-dimensional look. We’ll normally use more than one colour to achieve this look – we can mix lighter and darker tones to give you a real three dimensional natural look. You’ll absolutely love it.


Perfect for a natural blonde illusion, sun drenched golden and beige tones. Half the amount of foils are used than are used in a full head of highlights. This will still give you the blonde overall effect but a little more subtle, with a multi-dimensional look and again we’ll use  tones to blend your highlights with your natural base colour.



Also known as a ¼ head where the central parting and front fringe colour is refreshed and highlighted. This is great if your roots are starting to show or you just want to refresh your look – everyone will think you just had another full head when really you just refreshed your colour- Wash & condition in advance