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Human hair is obtainable from surmountable sources, most hair extension technicians and commercial websites are not using 100% Authentic hair. Of those which do – The majority is either silicone coated of synthetic mixed, sadly the hair does not last more than a month before it becomes dull and lifeless. We only use Russian hair extensions directly collected in Russia; known as the best in the industry , it is more expensive but worth every penny; because it can last up to five times longer than commercially processed hair. Directly collected from Russian means we cut out the middle Man and pass on the savings to our you.

The Art of Blending
Hair extensions to look best when they move like your natural hair does, strand density and color blending is key. Hair extensions look unnatural when density,shade and poor colour selection errors are made. Clapham Hair Extensions,blending technique involve a combination of :Selecting your base shade merging this with careful ratio’s of complementary shades, enabling us to achieve hand selected perfection. Contemporary hairstyles include an array of colors and textures our extension inventory includes tailored hair-textures and colors enable us to match over 90% of shades perfectly

Our Technique
Hair damage is unfortunately common place in the extensions industry, fortunately correctly applied micro links wont damage your hair and scalp. You can re-usethe extensions; whilst your natural hair grows healthy. No chemicals, glue or keratinused; so there is no damage to your hair and no damaging pressure duringremoval. Micro Ring extensions can be  re-applied every quarter as they are positioned on new roots. Micro Links/Rings come in all colours.

Micro Rings
The smallest copper links to apply CHE’s handmade strands of hair.The micro Links commonly known as Rings method is very popular as it is a reusable and non-shedding method. Our bond are pre made by us then attached cold; a perfect method if you’d rather not have glue attached to your hair.We use the very small copper links for comfort and discretion. Your micro ring hair extensions last for 3-4 months and can then be re-fitted again at half the cost, making this a more affordable method.

Hair Selection

Single Drawn Russian Hair
Single Drawn Hair: In a bundle of Single Drawn hair there will be the longest length hair mixed with shorter length hair –  Therefor 20” micro ring hair extensions will have approx 50% hair in 20” whilst the remaining 50% is composed of a combination of lengths which are likelyapprox 16-18” in length.  This means that the hair will be thicker at the Top of the bundle and then  slightly thinner towards the end.

Double Drawn Russian Hair
Double Drawn Hair : Essentially means that from a bundle of hair, for example 20” in length, the shorter hairs found in Single drawn are removed and replaced with 20” hairs.  This means that from root to tip the hair extensions are the same thickness, making for a very thick set of hair extensions.Double drawn hair is a great choice if the hair you are after is that of volume and glamour.  As the hair extensions are full of volume.

Virgin Russian Hair
Virgin Russian: ‘Creme-de-la-creme’ – the most exclusive type of hair extensions. Genetic and climatic factors contribute to this being the most beautiful hair in the world. It is incredibly soft and shiny. If you only want the very best, then this hair is the ultimate. The hair is collected by taking raw ponytail cuttings, ensuring that the cuticles of the hair are correctly aligned. The hair is ultimately pure.

Our Goal is to provide
‘Beautiful Hair’

Russian Hair Extensions London, UK

At CLAPHAM HAIR EXTENSIONS, we take pride in supplying the finest Virgin Russian hair sourced ethically from small rural towns in Russia. Russian hair is renowned for its superior quality due to its naturally fine and silky texture, making it superior from other hair type with regard to colour, movement and consistency. Our Russian hair has never been treated or processed, guaranteeing the finest possible quality.  Russian hair is naturally a lot lighter in colour than other hair types and so has not been exposed to harsh chemicals like most commercial hair.This is why it is easier it is to preserve, meaning well looked after Russian hair can last anywhere up to 2 years.

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