Hair Extensions Techniques Explained

Strand by Strand Technique hair extensions application

Techniques! Which do You prefer?

Strand by Strand technique involves threading your hair through a looping tool, holds it in place whilst gently sliding the Micro Link over the ready strand, we then insert our ready prepared re-tipped hair extension strands individually through the link one by one and flatten the link firmly at both sides in a downward position for a smooth flat and secure application.The process is completely safe and painless, some clients may feel discomfort at the application point during the process but it is not common. Best of all, because our extensions are reusable after several months they can be removed and reattached for a long lasting solution.

Clapham Hair Extensions



It is essential that “Micro Rings” are made with equal thickness of hair where necessary and smaller ones placed closer to the hair line to support weaker hair with weight distribution. This ensures your hair extensions will look more natural. Attention to detail is implemented during the application to ensure the correct blending is achieved. An artificial appearance can be caused when hair used is neither texture nor colour compatible. Clapham Hair Extensions provides an array of hair colours and textures to ensure this conflicting situation is avoided. We stock Russian Virgin Hair, Russian Hair (Virgin Sourced) , Remi Hair (Cuticle correct Human Hair ) Human Hair . This enables us to achieve optimum results for all clients.

At Clapham Hair Extensions we create all our own strands in house enabling us full control as some salons tend to have their hair prepared else where losing control over the dynamic depth of strands and the colour blending for individual projects. At Allure of Hair Extensions once you select your hair grade E.g. Virgin, Russian,European hair. We then begin work, blending your shades and size of bonds, in preparation for your Micro Links Application.

At Clapham Hair Extensions, once you have selected the grade of hair, a member of staff will bring you hair at your requested grade so that you can see the shades & texture of each hair type. It may be necessary to combine different shades of hair to achieve the perfect result. This ensures that whatever light you are in the reflective tone shall always be compatible

You can rest assured during your consultation for Hair Extensions we will not treat you to a sales pitch but give you the opportunity to empower yourself with more knowledge and a greater understanding to enable you to make an informed decision. You will be taken through the process in detail including application, aftercare and cost. At allure of Hair Extensions we give you our expertise and commitment. We will not follow but will lead with passion every step of the way.

What is Hand Tied Weft?

Hair that is Hand Tied at the upper ends and which unlike the regular machine weft is thinner, less bulky and lighter in volume with more gaps. A hand tied weft is also called micro thin weft.

Micro Seam Technique hair extensions application

Micro Seam is a technique similar to Micro Weft; however, it differs very much to the conventional application. Micro Seam is applied in a track by track system; each line is measured to your base head width working up from the nape of the neck, line by line. The tracks are all hand sewn and so extremely lightweight and Micro Rings are attached meticulously next to one another, and then closed flat in a down ward position. Although a track of hair is held together by the hand sewn seam at the top it is so thin that once the ring are applied and flattened, the seam becomes almost undetectable.
The main advantages of this technique are that it avoids the Strand like texture of Strand by Strand technique. Another plus point is when pulling and brushing hair during washing and styling the weight of the hair is distributed across the entire scalp; not on one small section of your natural hair, this means for clients with weak or over processed hair and those recovering from Glued hair extensions damage, Micro seam can be an ideal solution for your natural hair to grow at its optimum level without any damage.