Micro Ring Hair Extensions


Micro Ring Hair Extensions Technique uses small metal tubes to secure the extensions. Those tubes are usually made of copper which is better for the hair than traditional materials. When reinforced with silicone internally this adds more protection, better still all modern rings have a protective coating when bought from reputable manufacturers. They are safe and stay secure in natural hair. They can last for long months and withstand washing, sport, dancing and styling.

Micro Rings/ Links are manufactured in many diameters ranging from about 1.5mm ( Nano) to 5mm accross. Different options are used and adapted to accommodate different hair types and desired styles- generally speaking the wider the diameter of the ring the thicker the hair extension strands will be.
Silicone coating inside rings- Indeed micro rings/ links can be used with a silicone style rubber lining to avoid the slippage. However as size of the finished bond is a critical component in achieving natural appearance; the added size may not appeal to all clients in particular thin or very fine hair. The rings can be of different size, silicone or not silicone coated, matched to all hair and extension colours. They are small enough so to be undetectable when professionally fitted

Why Choose Micro Ring Extensions?
• No glue, adhesive or keratin bonds involved so there is no excessive force applied during removal and therefore no damage
• You can continue to wear the same hair after three months – with great quality you don’t have to throw away your extensions.
• Bonded extensions using harsh glue are distributed through the hair extensions during washing; this results in dry un-rule hair. With Micro Ring and Link extensions 100% of hair can be re-used time after time as long as it is still in good condition.
• Micro Ring extensions during re-positioning are applied to a slightly different position on the scalp and so can be worn without long breaks consistently. However if you have thin hair we would always advise you to take a break between 6-12 months , simply because long term weight on thin hair is never advised due to a weaker scalp.
• WE match not only the hair COLOR but also the Ring/Link COLOR to your Roots; this prevents the dreaded celebrity extension disasters seen in hair magazine of rings showing and shocking roots on display.
• The rings stay in very well throughout numerous physical activities, however it must be mentioned that if you yanked out a glue bond you can be sure your hair will be still attached from the root. With micro links it is more likely to slide than to yank your natural hair away from the scalp, this is an advantage in more ways than one.

The fitting technique

The technician clamps the Micro Rings on the extensions and the customer’s natural hair. The clamping is done using a special tool. The clamped Ring holds the extension strand and the natural hair together.
The quantity of the rings required will depend on the customer’s choice. For a full head it will be about 100-120 strands to fit. Between 50 and 65 rings for a half-head.

The advantages

No heat, no glue or chemicals, so there is no damage at all. The Keratin, Weaving or Bonding can cause damage because of the heat or chemicals. The Micro Rings Technique is perfectly safe and secure.
Keratin is a glue may cause issues when heated with blow dryer or when sunbathing. When the Keratin melts it gets very messy and hard to clean. To remove such a melted glue, your technician will use chemicals. Those chemicals can be damaging or create allergies.
The Weaves are usually sewn and create big load on the roots. Weaves are very popular in the Afro- Caribbean cultures, but are bulky and easy to spot. The maintenance consists in cutting the sewn threads and re-sew the weaves up, closer to the scalp.
Tapes are very thin, almost invisible, but a glue is used to keep them in place. This glue can melt, causing a slippage or loss of some extensions. Tapes can be re-used but need to be re-conditioned again.
When done correctly, the Micro Rings Technique is invisible. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They are strong to keep your extensions in place. If the colour is well chosen, they blend well with your natural colours.

Potential Complications-

As with all hair services, when applied in a professional salon micro rings/ links prove perfectly safe and secure. As there’s no melting of glue or heat required simply cold ready prepared bonded strands and a professional clamping When done by a person regardless of good intention who is not sufficiently trained mostly we see damaged hair or poorly fitted un-natural looking hair extensions. This is mostly because of use of poor quality materials, inadequate preparation and inappropriate technique, not to mention hair that will fall out very quickly. Visit Us online to ask us non obligation questions to support your quest for professional, quality and value for money hair extensions by people who care about hair.
Russian Hair Extensions can last over a year –
The secret? After Care & regular maintenance

Regular maintenance

The natural hair grows, and the micro rings move away from the scalp. So, they need to be re-positioned every 2 or3 months. During the maintenance visit, your technician will remove the old rings. Those are replaced with the new ones. The extensions will be re-positioned closer to the scalp and add Some new strands.

Maintenance is the key of your long lasting beauty. You have to get a professional advice on how often your maintenance is due. Speak to your regular technician for more information. Generally speaking, a three or four months period between the re-do sessions is a norm. You will lose few strands and those will need to be replaced. The old rings will be re-placed with the new ones and positioned closer to the scalp.

The aftercare

Good quality Russian hair can last for more than one year. To enjoy it for a long time you need to follow some basic aftercare rules. To stay gorgeous for long months, you need to have a healthy life and a regular maintenance. A healthy lifestyle includes good nutrition and moderate exercise. To keep a good form, our body needs vitamins and minerals only available in a healthy diet, take hair supplements to support faster hair growth and improved strength. Regular hours for sleep, work and leisure will help you to avoid stress and stay gorgeous for long years.

Aftercare is key to long lasting, soft, shiny hair extensions key secret of long lasting hair extensions. Check our advice section in After Care including recommended products and washing techniques.
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