Hair Colour Guide

Hair colouring in Belli salon by our skilled hair colourist’s stylists can be as subtle or as striking as you desire. Classic highlights make your hair lighter so blondes can go blonder or brunettes can be illuminated, hair that is greys can be blended with highlights or covered with darker low-lights or tints. Crazy Colours are on-trend with fashionista’s in pink to blue to green in popular with pastel tones, easier to achieve on light bases, therefor brunettes may need to undergo a base lift colour correction initially.

Belli knows all too well that home colouring can lead to years of hair disasters as observed when clients share their past horror stories. Colouring your hair is best left to the professionals. Full head highlights give a total colour 360-degree hair makeover alternatively you may just want to try the latest trend colours; Belli Hair Salon Clapham offers quick consultation with our skilled colourists who will guide you in the right direction for your dream hairstyle


The technical view to consider is; colour results you achieve really do depend on the colour your hair is to begin with, wether that is a natural colour or colour dye and if the dye is built up on your hair cuticles. Protein density in the hair shaft also varies many blonde tones so it may be necessary to add some a greater pigment concentration or on blonde hair Ash tones to eliminate any protein patches or brassiness to achieve optimum hair colour results.

What are Colour Corrections ?

Colour correction refers to black/ dark browns wanting to go blonde and blondes wanting to go black this is more complicated to achieve; than a brunette wanting a subtle caramel tone, however at Belli Hair  in Clapham we are experts in colour corrections. It’s also important to consider that different shades suit different skin tones, therefor you may wish to change your make up shades or Wear a Good Quality Tanning lotion such as White to Brown with Olive Pigments or Zen Tan another Tanning Club favourite along with St Tropez (Less Olive this one), Or you may need to tone down the Tan if your final hair shade is much lighter
On the colour spectrum chart. One of the factors of your hair colour consultation at Belli Hair  Clapham; is the amount of time or adaption to your image you’re prepared to invest into a new hairstyle & colour. This helps us to determine what suits your lifestyle and time management. Roots, re growth, fading colour will need to be filtered into the colour selection and may require regular root refresh appointments but don’t threat as Belli Hair offer a great discount ‘25% Discount on returning clients Re-Growth Touch Ups’ for appointments Booked within 4 weeks, we won’t allow your locks looking haggard or neglected.

Personal Colour Profile (PCP)

The good news is this; Belli colour technicians consider it our job to filter through the technical qualms and co-ordinate your ‘PCP’ Personal Colour Profile from Stage 1, we record all the details including your lifestyle and maintenance needs, skin tone, hair origin shade & shade goal, we guide you through the myriad of colour options on the market. Photos Of images you like are a great starting point so when browsing the next Top Model on Google and social media ‘Save that Image’ this will help guide us visually to understand what you love. Remember what is silver to one person, could be silver to another so be open to suggestions and if like a non-marmite lover you simply hate it then say so, after all this is your image not your (PCP) stylists! The best inspiration always comes from Instagram and Facebook when your short of time click to save on the train but of course not in the Car.


Now for the technical bit. There are two main ways to change your hair colour; Block colour – where a dye is applied to the roots and all over the hair to give full coverage OR high/low lights where separate strands of hair are coloured for a natural look. Block colour has many benefits and is easier to apply (great for greys) but it does require touch ups every 4-6 weeks.
High (or low) lights lift individual strands of hair using colour wrapped in foil. Highlights are usually easier to maintain and regrowth is far less noticeable. You could also try the latest hand-painting techniques, Balayage and Ombre, which allow colourists to create a beachy, cool girl, grown-out effect in any colour.
Once you’ve committed to a look then it’s time to think about how long you want it to last. Dyes can be permanent, semi-permanent or temporary depending on their strength. Permanent dyes use ammonia and a developer such as hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair. Semi-permanent tints produce a final colour that’s a blend of your natural hair colour and the dye. These tend to last for around 4-5 shampoos and use little or no developer so are less damaging and better suited for fragile hair. Temporary dyes come as sprays, or shampoos and lots of colourists will help you create a fun, fashion look with such products in the salon. These aren’t absorbed into the hair itself and should wash out easily. Even so we say experiment in the safety of the salon rather than in your own bathroom.


A good colourist will also give you endless advice on aftercare and the products you need to use on a regular basis to get the most out of your colour. The products they recommend will genuinely help your colour to stay brighter for longer so don’t think it’s just a post-appointment sales pitch! With everything from at home toners, to intensive colour masks, to colour-specific shampoos, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to colouring your hair. Take all the advice you can get and you’ll be just fine.

How to have London Fashion Show Hair

London fashion week brings out the finest of the British style set and when we’re not admiring their fashion wardrobes, we’re obsessing over their hair. Effortlessly chic and Trendy with an element of chelsea meets east end at times with the urban flair, British fashion set global hair trends which transcend seasonal hair styles. They embrace INDIVIDUALITY + Radiate CHARACTER, and they have that effortless vibe.Grab the opportunity to be Inspired!

Highlights Or Foils?

A full head of foils and highlights are the same treatment. Foils are just a reference literally to the material foil used to wrap the hair in to prevent it transferring colour to strands not intended for highlighting; the highlights refer lifting the hair high up the colour spectrum to a light shade.


Loved by celebrities alike including Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Gisele, Balayage is a French hair colouring technique meaning “to sweep” – a freehand technique where the hair colour is applied by ‘hand sweeping’ for a more natural affect


Colour Tint

An all over permanent colour that lasts up to 8+ weeks , super for covering greys. Request just a touch up when Colouring of roots after having a permanent tint to refresh the look.


Colour is darker at the top of the head from the roots and gradually fades into a lighter colour. The result is a combination of roots growing out and a sun kissed affect on the bottom of the hair; it is more striking than the balayage style.


Loved by celebrities alike including Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Gisele, Balayage is a French hair colouring technique meaning “to sweep” – a freehand technique where the hair colour is applied by ‘hand sweeping’ for a more natural affect


Colour Tint

An all over permanent colour that lasts up to 8+ weeks , super for covering greys. Request just a touch up when Colouring of roots after having a permanent tint to refresh the look.

Highlights – Full

 All over highlights using foils and our state of the art Hair Colour technology. A full Head of highlights will give you an amazing natural multi-dimensional look. We’ll normally use more than one colour to achieve this look – we can mix lighter and darker tones to give you a real three dimensional natural look. You’ll absolutely love it.



Perfect for a natural blonde illusion, sun drenched golden and beige tones. Half the amount of foils are used than are used in a full head of highlights. This will still give you the blonde overall effect but a little more subtle, with a multi-dimensional look and again we’ll use  tones to blend your highlights with your natural base colour.


Also known as a ¼ head where the central parting and front fringe colour is refreshed and highlighted. This is great if your roots are starting to show or you just want to refresh your look – everyone will think you just had another full head when really you just refreshed your colour- Wash & condition in advance