Brazilian Blow-Dry

The Keratin straightening is a pioneering hair treatment which smoothes and repairs the hair using nano-molecular keratin, whose miniscule particles are deposited and locked deep within damaged hair enveloping it within a permanent non-soluble coating. This result of this process leaves the hair feeling smooth, silky and shiny. The straightening lasts for two to four months and fades out progressively with every wash. F&Q Read-More


Keratin can be used on all types of hair such as virgin, highlighted, coloured, bleached, permed or relaxed. The application process can take between 1 ½ hours to 3 hours depending on the length and thickness of the hair. After the application of the product, the hair is left for 30mins to allow the Keratin to be absorbed into the hair shaft


It’s important that the hair is not washed for 3 days and not tied behind your ears. Also no tight hair accessories Do Not get your hair wet until your complimentary follow appointment with us 3 days later Use only the shampoo provided by us on your visit We can only guarantee results if the above points are followed.


The system utilizes nano-molecular keratin, whose particles are so miniscule that millions of them can be gathered into a pin head. The Nanokeratin molecules are deposited and locked deep within the damaged hair sealing it naturally to repair and restore it back to health, ensuring the treatments long lasting results.

“Nanokeratin Blow-dry REPAIRS hair from inside out, creating Beautiful hair from within. We help the modern woman to feel good & look Amazing! In just 1.5 Hours.”.Clapham Hair Enhancement
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For best results, it is recommended that colouring / highlighting should be done before the treatment
Yes, it can be used on all hair types such as coloured, permed, relaxed, highlighted and bleached.
Yes, but it is recommended to wait at least 2 weeks
No, it is recommended to have your hair cut after the treatment to remove split ends
Yes, but it is especially effective for damaged or coarse hair, such as bleached, coloured or lightened and hair extensions made from natural hair or sun damaged hair
No, products should not be used during the 3 days following the treatment; only use styling products after the hair has been washed
Use a hairdryer or a titanium flat iron to straighten the waves