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Hair Extensions London – Why choose Clapham hair enhancement?   Our ability to achieve perfection with your colour Match; is just one of the distinctive attributes of Clapham Hair Enhancement – Hair Extensions London. We match most colours perfectly using our ‘ Blending Technique’. We create finely blended hair which has all of the subtle tones of your natural hair, a …

Hair Extensions – F&Q

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Do I need Hair Extensions? Clapham Hair Enhancement London The question “Do I need Hair Extensions?” is a common hair query amongst women these days. They will try diverse styles and try to find the best way that enhances their natural assets however as us women know all to well a hair colour venture gone wrong or a bad hair …

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Hair Extensions London, UK Guide

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Hair Extensions London Guide   To learn more to help you understand how hair extensions work, how they are applied and what you need to know please read our HAIR EXTENSIONS GUIDE Why choose Clapham Hair Enhancement for your Hair Extensions  ? 1: Beautiful Natural Results 2: Non Damaging to Natural Hair 3:Russia, Mongolian & European 100% Cuticle correct Human Hair. …


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#SafeHairExtens Hair Extensions can be safe – Clapham Hair Enhancement do not use harmful Techniques, no Hot Glue, No Weaving, No stretching of your natural hair. It is general knowledge in the industry that an accumulation over time of methods using Glue’s or chemicals lead to hair loss, o choose carefully . Our insight in Tricology ensures  Clapham Hair Enhancement …


Brazilian Blow-Dry F&Q

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QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q: What is unique about the Nanokeratin System treatment, how is it different than other hair repair systems? A: The Nanokeratin straightening system blow-dry,  is a revolutionary hair repair system.  The system utilizes nano-molecular keratin, whose particles are so miniscule that millions of them can be gathered onto a pin head! The Nanokeratin particles are deposited and locked …


Recommended Products

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We recommend Extension Professional Shampoo and Conditioners. You should always use sulphate free shampoos and conditioner and make sure you keep oil based products away from the bonds. When conditioning your extensions apply to mid-lengths only and comb through before rinsing, You must brush your hair extensions twice daily using a Tangleteezer starting at the end of your hair extensions working your …

How to choose a Hair Extensions in London

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If you dream of bouncy, bountiful hair but struggle to grow it past your shoulders, or need a bit of voluminous va-va-voom, put down the supplements. Why wait months for results when you could have them in an instant with extensions? Here’s the thing: all A-Listers have hair extensions. If it’s not to add length, it’s to add that tousled …

Nanokeratin Blowout

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About our Nanokeratin Permenant Blow Dry The Keratin straightening is a pioneering hair treatment which smoothes and repairs the hair using nano-molecular keratin, whose miniscule particles are deposited and locked deep within damaged hair enveloping it within a permanent non-soluble coating. This result of this process leaves the hair feeling smooth, silky and shiny. The straightening lasts for two to …