Russian Hair Extensions can last over a year - The secret? After Care & regular maintenance


How to keep hair tangle free

Regular brushing is for your Russian Hair Extensions as important, as brushing your teeth every morning. Brushing your extensions often will keep them healthy and tangle free. Get yourself a good tool, preferable a soft bristle bush, it will help you detangle your natural hair and the Russian Hair Extensions, without damaging them. Brushing is simple but is one of the most important but often forgotten hair care procedures.

Keeping your Hair Extensions tangle free is one of the most important routines you must have. Regularly inspect your hair, and if need de-tangle your hair with your fingers, gently and slowly. Remove any loops, tangles or knots. This will help you to keep your extensions gorgeous for a very long time.

Do NEVER start brushing your hair from the roots. Start gently at the bottom, from the tips of your extensions. Detangle gently the tips first, then move a bit up and work by small areas. Be soft and gently with your Russian Hair Extensions, they make you gorgeous and a proper care can help them last for more than one year!


How to wash hair extensions

Detangle your hair extensions, gently, with a soft non balled bristle brush, use a good clarifying shampoo for normal hair, without any oil or silicone. Wash your hair slowly and carefully it is very important to be gentle. Wet your hair by bits, to prevent them from tangling. Always tilt your hair back when washing, instead of flipping your hear over sink or basin. This will help you avoiding the tangling. Apply the shampoo with a gentle downward motion to the tips first, then work all the way up, by little areas. You can leave the shampoo on your hair for a couple of minutes, and then rinse it thoroughly. You can blow dry your hair roots first, and then let all your hair to dry naturally. Or you can carefully blow dry your hair from roots to the ends of the extensions.


Hair extensions in sauna

Avoid to cover your hair with a towel as this compress your hair. Braid gently all your hair into a large and loose braid at the end of your neck. If you need to use a shampoo or a conditioner, loose the braid and comb thoroughly all your hair, from roots to tips.


How to sleep with hair extensions

Tie your hair extensions into one lose and large braid at the back of your head or tie them with as soft bobble. Try to avoid elastic ties for your hair as they pull on your hair extensions and lose them.

When you wake, remove the tie or undo the braid and gently comb hour hair, thoroughly from the roots to the tips.

Blow drying

How to blow dry hair extensions

When you really have no choice, blow dry your hair but setting your dryer at a low-heat. Slow and gentle dry your hair, avoiding any over-heating. This will reduce the chances that your Russian Hair Extensions will become too dry, start breaking and split-end.


How to dry hair extensions

This is one of secrets to keep your Russian Hair Extensions healthy for a very long time. The excessive heat is detrimental to your extensions and letting them dry naturally will substantially extend their life. It is much better to plan your hair washing a bit earlier, than sleep with wet hair or being forced to blow dry it in rush.

DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN WET! As your hair still wet, some of your extensions could slip out and you will lose them. Brush your hair carefully, and only when it’s completely dry. Start from the bottom, from the hair tips and go up progressively area by area,always slow and gently.


How to condition hair extensions

After wash, to smooth your hair extensions, apply any reach conditional or oil, but only on the ends of your hair extensions. Apply it and brush you hair gently, with slow downward motion, starting from tips and going upward by small areas. This will help you to keep your hair tangle free and remove any excess of the conditioner.

Be careful to not apply a too much of conditioner, this will over-condition your extensions, make them look limp and dill.


How to style hair extensions

When you really have no choice, blow dry your hair but setting your dryer at a low-heat. Slow and gentle dry your hair, avoiding any over-heating. This will reduce the chances that your Russian Hair Extensions will become too dry, start breaking and split-end.


How to swim with hair extensions

Never use a swimming hat if you wear hair extensions. Water will penetrate under your hat, tangle your hair. When removing your swimming hat you risk to pull your hair extensions, when swimming, keep your head above the water level.

Clip ins

After care of Clip In extensions

Store carefully your Russian Clip In Hair Extensions. Brush them carefully and gently from the bottom up, apply a moderate quantity of a rich conditioner and store them in a dry place.


How to sunbath hair extensions

Tie all your hair behind your neck and make a large and loose braid.After sunbathing, let your hair cool down and then gently comb it thoroughly, from roots to tips. You can wash your hair and, to smooth your hair extensions, apply any reach conditional or oil, but only on the ends of your hair extensions.

Never DIY

How to dye hair extensions

Ask a professional advice before experimenting on your hair. Russian Hair can be dyed, coloured, styled in many ways, but prior you start your Sunday DIY session, ring us for advice. You invest in a gorgeous natural hair which can last you for months and months, but can be irreversibly damaged in seconds. Ask a professional advice to avoid any bad surprises.

Be gentle

After care of hair extensions

Never pull harsh, wring or knot tight your Russian Hair Extensions. This can pull some strands out of Micro Rings and even damage your natural hair. The Micro Rings are the most safe and secure hair extension technique, but if you pull your hair too harsh, they can displace, come loose or slip out. Be gentle with your extensions, they make you gorgeous!

Avoid alcohol

No alcohol on hair extensions

Alcohol based products are not really the best friends of your Russian Hair Extensions. Alcohol based products will dry the extensions out, damage them and matte them down. Excess of alcohol based products can weaken your natural hair and damage it irreversibly.

Visit us

How to redo hair extensions

Even the best quality Russian Hair Extensions need regular maintenance and we will help you to keep in the best condition. Your Russian Hair Extensions will look fantastic and absolutely gorgeous for up to one year, if you regularly visit us every 3 to 4 months for a regular maintenance.  We will detangle your extensions, re-style them, add some more Russian Hair or completely redo/re-fit all the extensions

The natural hair grows, and the micro rings move away from the scalp. So, they need to be re-positioned every  3 months. During the maintenance visit, your technician will remove the old rings. Those are replaced with the new ones. The extensions will be re-positioned closer to the scalp and add

Additional Strands.
A regular maintenance is the key of your long lasting beauty. You have to get a professional advice on how often your maintenance is due. Speak to your regular technician for more information. Generally speaking, a three or four months period between the re-do sessions is a norm. You will lose few strands and those will need to be replaced. The old rings will be re-placed with the new ones and positioned closer to the scalp.

The Aftercare
Good quality Russian hair can last for more than one year. To enjoy it for a long time you need to follow some basic aftercare rules. To stay gorgeous for long months, you need to have a healthy life and a regular maintenance.
A healthy lifestyle includes good nutrition and moderate exercise. To keep a good form, our body needs individually adapted food habits. Regular hours for sleep, work and leisure will help you to avoid stress and stay gorgeous for years to come.

Good aftercare is the key secret of long lasting beauty. You need to know how to use your dry blower, what shampoo are the best and what conditioner is a must have. Check out advice on the best After Care in our recommended products page.

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