Hair Extensions London

Hair Extensions London

Clapham Hair Enhancement in London, Provides Hair Extension services. We stock both Mongolian hair and Russian hair. Contrary to perception Russian hair is not difficult to source , however; many online brands are silicone coated or bleached, Processed hair does not last long before becoming dull and unruly. At our London branch we stocks Mongolian & Russian hair sourced directly. Our hair extensions are the finest quality human, cuticle correct and double drawn. Due to our exceptional quality standards, our hair lasts much longer than commercially processed hair or silicone treated hair. Clapham Hair Extensions, we provide clients with optimum Hair enhancing options whilst caring for and protecting Your hair.


In london with the vast array of choice choosing the right Salon to protect and enhance your hair is critical. Clapham Hair Extensions offers clients trichologicaly friendly Micro Links, Micro Rings & Nano Rings these are all designed specially to grip around natural hair not penetrate the internal hair shaft as glue heated will. This is why Micro rings & Nano rings removals are quick & damage free. Micro Links which are always our recommended procedure. We do not use harsh heated techniques in particular glue due to the evidence that glue is melted onto hair is the worst culprit of mass damage within the hair extension industry. No harsh heated techniques in particular glues; which are the common causative form of damage from hair extensions .

Natural Hair Extensions

Hair extensions look best when they look natural, strand density & color blending is key. Hair extensions looks un-natural if density, shade & poor colour selection errors are made. At Clapham Hair Enhancement our blending technique is a combination of selecting your base shade merged with ratio’s of complementary shades to achieve perfection. Contemporary hairstyles include an array of colours and textures at Clapham Hair Enhancement, our inventory of hair-colours means we get  perfect colour match with most shades.

Micro Rings

What are Micro Rings? They are small aluminium or copper tube shaped links hair extensionists can use to apply Stick Tip hair extensions. Clapham Hair Enhancement, London makes handmade tips combining handmade strands of hair. Micro Links / Micro Rings method are very popular ,hair can be later reused, without natural hair damage. Our bonds are attached cold so no glue penetration to hair. Clapham Hair Enhancement use small micro links for comfort & discretion. Micro ring last 3-4 months & can be re-fitted with the same hair up to a year

Our Hair

Clapham Hair Extensions take pride in providing clients with a choice of hair including Mongolian & Russian hair. Our signature Russian hair has never been treated or processed, guaranteeing the finest quality. With care Russian hair can last anywhere up to 2 years.Read More

Our Hair

Mongolian Hair

Mongolian remy & cuticle correct  human hair . Soft, thick &  DOUBLE DRAWN sourced and selected from Mongolia, hair heat styled and treated as your own. Retains vitality for up to 6 months. Available in hair lengths up to 24 inchesRead More

Russian Hair


Our Russian hair is bought direct from local collectors in Russia who are the real experts of luxury hair. Buying direct from location means we can keeps the costs competitive. We offer the highest quality  Russian hair 100% human, double drawn and cuticle correct. Read More

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